About This Blog

This blog is for anyone looking for information and inspiration regarding traveling, in other words it was created for you. I focus on individualized trips, as I firmly believe that it is the most beautiful form of traveling, which gives you the chance to immerse yourself – at least temporarily – in another culture or subculture and thus promotes the understanding among people.

In preparation for my travels, I have often noticed that it takes many hours of research to adequately plan an individualized trip and that I have always needed many different sources. With this blog, I will try to provide you with a one-stop solution for everything from sightseeing and activities to food, drinks, restaurants, bars and nightlife as well as expenses, transportation and climate.

The name of this blog combines my name, Luca, and the words catalog or log. On the one hand, I wanted to give the blog a personal touch. On the other hand, it is also a log to catalog my travels for you and me. Thus, I named it lucalog.com.